Keep your eye on the trout

In the high country chasing those elusive wild browns.
Went off grid, was lucky enough to catch 5 or so, but I lost the prize. Hooked a big brown who fought me hard taking off, I learn’t a valuable lesson, I got complacent, figured he was closed to beat, reach around to get my net and at that moment he turned and headed down stream in a strong current, just enough surprise that I let a little slack in the line and he was gone!!! I fish barb-less so you have to stay on top of them.
Beautiful big Brown you all know the story of the one that got away, well he was it!!!
Drifting a black woolly bugger about three feet under an indicator, worked well with a dead drift.
Later in the day it went very quite, tried all sorts of techniques and flies no further luck. It was later a full moon maybe that had something to do with it.

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