Who said Fly Fishing in Arizona was easy?

Who said Fly Fishing in Sunny Arizona was easy!!!!
End of last week on a recce up into the White Mountains. Different Indian Reservations.
Also X Diamond Ranch. Plus a couple of creeks. I have been brow beaten by a few( I take no offence, everyone is entitled to their opinion) for sharing to much information about where we can fish in Arizona.
I understand their concern due to the delicate nature of some of our streams. I only post to Fly Fishing communities, but that does not satisfy all people. My view is that just about all the streams and lakes here in AZ are well known and there are many books written with all details on how to get there, what fly to use, best time of the year to fish etc: There really are no secrets in this day and age!
So with that in mind am not going to post the exact streams going forward, which is a shame! However if you are interested in more information about what I post you can privately IM on face book. I will freely share what ever I have to offer.
I hope that will satisfy all parties.

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