Canyon Lake AZ

Canyon Lake AZ. Marc and I went out for the day, first time there. The water was pretty brown with dying shad all over the place. I guess as there was a water temperature change.


We used floating lines and also sinking lines. Ended up with some blue gills and one yellow bass. First for me!!!


The yellow Bass and some of the Blue Gills took either a green woolly bugger or black, stripped just under the surface at a place called fish creek that is up at the top end of the lake,which saved our bacon!!.


The main lake and small inlets produced nothing for us.

A full day under the sun in a small boat that does 8 knots max took us just over an hour to get up to the top of the lake by the dam.


Great first time ended up with burnt feet, wearing flip flops under the mid day sun in not a good idea! Saw some Bighorn Sheep high up and one Eagles nest just above us on the cliffs very cool!!!


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