Salt River AZ on the Fly

The Salt river yielded up a bunch of nice Sonoran Suckers on a size 18 red & black nymph on the bottom, as well as a few on a black & silver nymph 24 inches off the bottom.
The wind was blowing like crazy, lost my hat in the water a few times!!
The real bummer for me was losing 5 indicators with 2 flies on being snapped off at the indicator by big strikes!!! Not sure what they were, but did see some huge carp cruising around.
These strikes were hard and big with heavy fish on until the break off.
I use indicators that screw onto the line. There is a washer on the top side but not on the underside, I am going to re rig all my indicators so I have a washer bottom and top on the line. Hopefully that will help.
Also I started with a 5 x tippet went down to a 4 x tippet caught most of my fish on that tippet, but at the end of the day again a big fish and snap off. bummer!!!
I am going to use a 3 x tippet next to see. I had these fish on the reel and they were running like hell, not sure what else I could have done. There is always next time!! Forewarned and forearmed as they say!

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