Lees Ferry Marble Canyon AZ

With the Rim streams pretty high from the snow melt did a quick drive up early Saturday morning to Lee’s Ferry Marble canyon AZ. Fished the walk in area in the afternoon. Lots of guys fly fishing with a few nice rainbows caught.
I walked down to the area where the dirty water from a small stream comes into the river, only to get stuck in sand and get pulled under, wet for the rest of the day!!! Caught two nice 14# rainbows lost another all on a scud under an indicator.
Sunday fished the upper sections with a dead drift on two flies one a scud another a midge. We wet waded several areas, plus did some drifting.
Learnt how important a dead drift is with no drag on the line with plenty of mends on the drift. The river gave up some nice wild rainbows. Great day, long drive home afterwards but well worth the effort!
Foot note: to all Brian Foss of DFC ties some awesome flies, I used his grey scuds that he tied for me, catching most of my fish on this fly.

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