Salt River AZ

Fist day we broke 80 degrees Fahrenheit Monday night.Figured it would be a great time to Fish the Salt the last 2 hours in the evening looking for a Hatch to fish for rainbows. In the past they feed like crazy the last hour, great dry fly fishing!
Took my 4 weight 7ft 6 inch fly rod, light tippet 6 x, off I went.
I saw some trout holding in both mid water and off the bottom. No hatch and no rising trout. Nymphing my way down in the slight current,
Not one trout, but some great Sonoran suckers. On a 4 weight and light tippet, really had to finesses them in.Lots of fun, reel stripping like crazy, arm getting tired! but the battle was won and the fish returned to fight another day.

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