Fly Fishing in Arizona Mountains

Checked out a local stream in the mountains after some much needed rain.
There was some color to the water with three of us fishing Semi Leeches, woolly buggers and some nymphs all stripped up, down ,sideways, dead drifts you name it!!! Even some drifts under an indicator. My two friends ended up with about 10 rainbows each,
I was the low guy on the Totem pole with one rainbow taken on a black woolly bugger stripping back up. Not my day, that’s fly fishing, not catching Right!!!
Still the country in Arizona is so diversified it is mind boggling, get out there, get off the beaten track and explore.


We came across one deep pool hidden in a very deep canyon that just appeared around the corner you needed climbing gear to get in there. Can you imagine the fish lurking there???
All within a two hour drive from downtown! Happy trails and tight lines!!!!

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