The Death of a River and Fishery every year! The Salt River Phoenix AZ

The Salt River in Phoenix Arizona this summer with about 1400 cubic feet per second running thru. Beautiful!!!
This winter water flow will be cut to under 20 cubic feet per second, a trickle maybe as low as 8, and most of the beauty will die away for the winter. Such a shame!!
I know 99.9% of people do not care, and population growth is putting extreme pressure on our water supply.
I know this has been talked about for over Thirty years.
I know all the reasons why not!!!
But just think, if we could only keep the water level thru the winter at 250 cubic feet per second, we could have one of the most stunning fisheries near a major city. It could be Phoenix’s equivalent to Lees Ferry up in Northern Arizona over time and with care!
I know!!

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