My weekend to catch small Trout.

My weekend for catching small fish only it would seem!!!! Small Brown trout on Canyon Creek and Rainbows and Bass on the Salt River Phoenix AZ.
The pictures of the stream are from lower Canyon Creek, a beautiful place to Fly Fish!
At Canyon Creek I was fishing a hopper with a little red and silver size 18 nymph only about 14″ off the hopper. Caught about 8 browns on that nymph, missed another 5 or so on the take off the hopper.
At the Salt they dropped the water flow from 400 cubic feet per second to 20 feet so very little water movement had to fish the pools near the top where the flow was strongest.
Bounced a dry fly mixture of a spider with some sparkle, a local fly I was told to use from the guys at Desert sportsmen in Scottsdale, a great fly shop. Took 2 rainbows and 2 small Bass. Gunk up the fly put a split shot about 15 inches above and bounce off the bottom with the current. Works every time!
Later in the day the Sonoran suckers were feeding off tiny gnats on the surface all around me. I put the smallest flies I had about size 22 dry and cast among them. No luck, but great to see them feeding on the surface, big golden brown colors,
awesome to take on a dry fly!!!

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