High Mountains of Arizona & X Diamond Ranch

Marc, myself and Steve Romero a great new friend of ours and an excellent fly fisher headed to the mountains last Friday.
We based our selves out at X Diamond Ranch and went exploring. The Apache Reservation is closed but there are still plenty of streams to go to off the reservation. If you know where to look and are prepared to do some serious hiking you will get to streams where nobody is!
Also many of the lakes are open but are filled along the shores with bait guys.
If you have not stayed and fished the private waters of X Diamond ranch get up there, they have a few days left that are not booked.
Fishing was killer and the black woolly bugger was king!!!!! Under an indicator or just stripped!!! Not to say we did not use a bunch of other nymphs prince nymphs, copper johns, black & silver nymphs and midges also purple colored nymph, red as well all worked great. We all killed it great fun a lot of stocked rainbows that put up a great fight for their size, also wild browns mixed in.Take a light weight rod like a #3 or #4 seven or eight foot fly rod you will have great sport!!!!!
Exploring we took in some of the most beautiful scenery in Arizona as well as the wild life,Elk,Bold Eagles, big horn sheep to name a few.
I have noticed all the comments on the crowds, and yes they are there but if you go off the beaten track it is still solitude and awesome. It take research and effort but if you want to relax and get out of the heat it is well worth the effort.