First trip Fly fishing Jan 2021

Well we got our first Fly fishing day in the new year of 2021.

I am so lucky to have a friend who is a great fly fisherman plus he is also a fly fishing instructor who has the knowledge of over thirty plus years of fly fishing and being in the industry.

We were looking for streams with some good water flow, which is hard this year as we are very low in rain fall and snow. This little stream is at about 3200 foot elevation, so it was pretty nippy that day!!

Now you might think fishing with a fly casting instructor that i have become an excellent fly caster!!! The truth be told, that when Marc and i first started fly fishing together I asked him if he had any pointers for me, to go ahead. He watched, waited and told me that I was so fuuuuuucc!!! up that it was too late. That the fact that by some miraculous manipulations I managed to get the fly in the places i needed to with a delicate presentation, he said it was best to leave well alone. Never a better word spoken!!!

Back to the present, the water was super clear and the fish that we did see were holding down deep. The funny thing though was that when I cast my bright orange indicator with a black wooly bugger followed by a green lava nymph size 18 the trout started hitting the indicator. Marc change to hopper dropper set up and landed a few right away. I was starting to think the same way , but then i started catching them on my green lava nymph about 3 to 4 feet down. I left my rig alone and so did Marc we ended up with about 10 Rainbows between us.

You will notice in my videos that we were doing a lot of roll casting sideways and vertical if we could, That stream is still pretty overgrown with tree and bush branches just in all the wrong spots.

If you need a brush up on your casting call Marc Noble Tel 415 827 6605.I am sure he will be able to help you get sorted out unless you are like me!!!

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