White Mountain & Apache Reservation Fly Fishing at 9000 Ft

Great Fly Fishing trip for Four days of on the Flies. Marc Noble and myself. Camping at that elevation gets cold at night! Plus Elk moving thru our camp at 3 am, looking out of tent and seeing two big Green eyes staring back at you from about 100 feet at four feet eye level. Not sure what that was!!

Plenty of fish caught, wild brown trout, wild rainbows, wild brookies, Apache trout not a bad mix.

We caught them mostly on nymphs every day a different color seemed to work. One day in particular i was killing them on a little size 20 green Caddis imitation, every fish took that fly, until i lost it on a back cast in the trees

On the first day our little stove stopped working so it was back to the old camp fires for cooking.

One lesson learnt was that non stick porcelain pans do not do well on hot fires burnt it all off which in turn stuck to my meatless hamburger!! A bit gritty but still tasted great! washed down with a non alcoholic beer

I know, I am Vegan now after a lifetime of Steaks and Plenty of Beers, I must be a boring dude now!!! If you know me, not so, but the life style change has really helped me get fit and healthy again.

Funny story, i hurt my shoulder went to the docs, she says I have tendentious in my shoulder, too much casting?? so i have to do physical therapy to stop getting a frozen shoulder, the great news was my blood pressure was down to 115 over 72. That is low for me not that i was high to begin with but it is the benefit of being a vegan, almost one full year now after 65 years of pure hell and debauchery!!!

Just FYI I am not preaching, do what you want, just sharing a side note of life,.

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