Out there in Arizona

Tonto Forest Closed, Apache Reservation closed! What are Az Fly Guys and girls going to do? Dig deep and travel into the wilderness, explore new ranges!!
The fish Gods brought me back to reality after an epic day last week, to a big fat goose egg this week ZERO!!!
Fishing not catching Right!!
Marc managed to nab a few fish with a few lost. We walked eight and half miles in 102 Fahrenheit heat. Explored new water for the future. Marc did his Michael Phelps impression in a few deep pools along the way. Walrus comes more to mind!!!!
Arizona has a diversity of scenery that is spectacular with most Arizonians not really exploring and knowing what lies out there!!!
We are privileged to be able to roam this land, so if you have not gotten out there go!!! Take water go early and you will be glad you did

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