Walk on the wild side in the Arizona Mountains

Went for a walk on the wild side, Az mountains. Marc and I spent the day social distancing so we did not take the pictures of the big brown he caught as I was a few runs up and did not hear his calls for help with the net!!!
Took him five minutes to bring in.
Still we both caught some small browns and rainbows me on a black and silver size 20 midge deep,
Marc the ninja dry fly caster, on a small blue olive, one he literally caught as the fly landed, the brown slurped it down. Nice 12 ” he missed another bigger one that took a look and then turned off it!!
I lost 2 nice browns that took my tarantula fly that i had weighted to get down deeper with a trailing midge. Had them on in fast current, both turned quickly in the moving water and i gave them some slack. With bar-bless flies that is all they needed, off they went. Still cool to see them take the fly and feel the weight thinking what might have been!
we had to climb into some of the pools, later walking back down stream saw some muddy parts on the trail thinking to myself that looks slippery!!! Yep slippery it was down i went but I did not break my rod, saved that and also stopped from sliding into the creek!! Felt a bit foolish but what the hell if you don’t get out there, no fun!!

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