Salt River AZ Dec 13 Th, lucky for some!

Friday the 13 Th, lucky for some! The Salt River Az provided us with a great day of Fly Fishing. Marc caught a trifecta !!!! Bass, Trout and Sonoran Suckers!!!
I caught a bunch of Sonoran suckers and lost one Rainbow .
Fishing had been slow at all our usual spots, lost and tried many flies no luck the first few hours.
Then I decided to put on a size 18 nymph black and silver as the bottom fly under an indicator. I had used that fly very successfully the past spring. Fishing it just off the bottom in any little flow we could find.
Second cast fish on deep and big, he snapped me off! Re -rig same fly, boom fish on, proceeded to catch a bunch just in this one spot.
I went off down river to find Marc telling him to came back with me to my spot.
We rigged him up same configuration, I told him where to cast he looked a bit skeptical!!!.
Second cast fish on, we then for an hour or so were on a production line. He would fight in the fish walk out of the water I would replace him within a couple of minutes fish on. We did for over an hour, literally exchanging places and catching a Sonoran native within a few minutes of each other. We caught a bunch then it just switched off.
We chased Trout on the surface until dark I missed one, Marc caught a couple and the day was done.
So who says Friday the 13 Th is not lucky!!! It was for us!

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