Fly Fishing 2 & 3 weight rods for small Bass and hold over Trout

Yesterday we decided to fish the Salt river on light rods as most of the Bass are on the smaller side.


Great sport seeing the rod bent over with a gigantic/small Bass in reality fighting for its life. He did not know we are all about catch and release!

This time of year the powers to be are slowly turning the flows down, yesterday it was at 500 cubic feet per second,where as last week it was at 400 cubic feet. A bit of surprise as it was higher a week later! Also to note on the fishing runs we know that fish well, they seemed to fish a lot better at 400 rather than 500 cubic feet. Conditions were the same other than the water flow.

Many small size bass later we decided to head up to a couple of runs that we know have hold over rainbow trout hidden away.

These fish are very picky but if you hook one they run and fight very well. Marc caught two that day, I did not not. The last one he caught was very full in the stomach might have been feeding on crawdads as there are a lot in this river. Both the Bass and the trout took a mixture in color of woolly buggers stripped back at various depth and speeds. That seems to be the fly of choice this time of year for us. I would be interested in anyone’s else comments on what they have been having success on.


Catching a fighting Bow on a light 2 weight rod is really fun and this boy did not want to come to the net. He took off into the fast moving water and was a real handful to bring to the net.


Rest assured that we made sure he was in great shape before we released him back into his wild domain. These trout deserve a lot of respect to have survived in this warmer river they have to stay deep in the bigger pools to get into cooler water. This is after all a desert water river system. The out side air temp was at 92 Fahrenheit that for us desert dwellers is cooling down from the mad days of summer at over 110 Fahrenheit.


So if you want some great sport use light rods and head to the Salt River in Arizona you will not be disappointed 

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