Miles & miles searching small creeks in Arizona.

Miles and miles and miles and miles walking stumbling, pushing thru bush avoiding snakes!, Climbing up, down, over, slipping well you get the picture! The end of the day hurting all over, wishing you were ten years younger!!!!

We are exploring the Apache reservation and the White Mountains in Arizona. Marc and I continue our quest to search and learn all about these beautiful small creeks.

 We are an odd couple, consider our backgrounds, serious surfers from days gone by now living in a desert. Both enthusiastic fly fishermen chasing those elusive trout in moving waters. Not to say we do not fish the lakes, we do.


 However, there is so much water to search you pick your passion first. For us, it is running water. The Difficult place the fish love to lurk in, then how the hell do I get a fly in there?


Bow and arrow cast, no pun intended!! Roll cast, high sticking, what the hell cast! Hope and pray, cast!! Figure it out. The lost flies, and there are always lots!! If you do not lose fly’s, you are not trying, Right!!! Who the hell came up with that stupid expression!! So bloody frustrating!!!


The sun, the sweat, wind, bad light, old eyes, squinting with your cheater glasses on with the four times magnifiers clipped on as well. The condensation, misty cannot see what the hell I am trying to tie on. Stop, take a drink of water, wish it was a bloody scotch right at this frustrating moment. 


Gather your inner self, take a deep breath, repeat!! Finally, fly on, first cast!! Straight into that bush again!!!! That is when you discover you are a saint!!! Either that or throw it all away and start drinking seriously that is the lot of a Fly Fishermen in small creeks. Not for the faint of heart.


The moving water, slippery rocks, the root you did not see that jumps out and grabs your foot down you go!! Save the rod in that fleeting moment before you crash to earth. Quickly looking around to see if your buddy saw the move, Nope we are good to go!! Oops, better check the body! all moving no pain jump up, onward.


It’s called fishing, not catching !!! Another stupid expression. I get it to smell the roses enjoy the scenery your friends being out there! But it would be nice to catch an occasional fish!! I think even the die hearts who are the absolute purist, deep down in their souls, if they were truthful with them selves would agree to, it OK to want the odd fish here and there!

The end of a long day thinking I have to get back out there tomorrow. Getting out of the truck like a cripple after the drive home. Thirsting to do it all over again.





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