Carp on the fly

Hit the canals late on Friday evening in Scottsdale AZ. Temperature 108 Fahrenheit.
Chasing carp on the fly, I have seen some nice fish caught and posted on Instagram so I was inspired to brave the heat. Lost a few lbs in sweat saw a few spooky fish. No luck this time.
In the past I have caught a few but you need patience and stealth they have great  awareness of sound and movement.
There is a growing movement around the country to chase carp on the fly and boy is it fun when you hook into one. They can really take you down to the backing very quickly, just hang on especially with a light fly rod.
Carp from Canal in Phoenix
There are carp all over the country in lakes and streams just do some research and get out there. They generally are on the bigger side and are fast becoming the new game fish of fresh water.
The old stereotype of the carp is slowly evolving into a fun fish to go chase. They are not easy to catch as they are very aware of any changes around them.
However if you do hook into one you will be well rewarded.
I was fishing the Salt river in AZ earlier this year when the water was low, when I looked up stream there must have been ten or so fish heading my way in very shallow water, they looked like torpedoes!! Some of these fish had backs that must have been ten inches wide, these were big boys!!!
I know they are in the deeper pools and have been chasing them ever since. One day I hope to get lucky and just hank on Baby!!!!!

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