River Usk near Crickhowell Brecknockshire Wales Great Britain

On a quick trip home, i was able to sneak in five hours of Fly Fishing on the river Usk. My guide Justin Connolly, of Justfishin Fly Guide from the area had his work cut out for him. The day was rainy with a slight mist on the river from time to time. The river had some color and seemed to be rising.


We fished Dry with a nymph, then we fished a nymph under an indicator, finally using a very heavy nymph with a lighter one above, which we High Sticked  also casting into the faster moving water letting it drift down and swing around.


There were a few fish rising for flies but not many. I was told yesterday had been much better with the weather being warmer and more hatches coming off the river. Such is lady luck!


I was however lucky to just breath in the fresh air and enjoy my old country. I did catch one little wild brown so at least I was not skunked!!!!


My guide did take a picture to prove but I have not been sent the picture yet. Honest!!!


I grew up fly fishing smaller streams in Wales when I was young, so this was very nostalgic for me.


 I now have two great guides to use in Wales, one Kim Tribe 



Unfortunately I did not have time to connect with him on this short trip, but highly recommended along with Justin@justfishin.co.uk 



Both will be able to take you anywhere in Wales and the rest of the country. I learnt some new tips from both.

Although I think Justin had his work cut out for him as I was jet lagged  and my casting was terrible!!!!

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