Small creek in the High Desert of Arizona

The temperatures are soaring now in the desert, so it is a great time to head to the higher elevations.


Unfortunately I could not fish on my usual Fridays, so I had to settle on a Saturday which is always more crowded. This small creek gets very overgrown in the summer and is hard to fight your way through the bush.


I had to get far down the beaten trail to get away from Kids swimming in the pools and bait fishermen lining the banks. Hard hot work, eventually finding some clear water. I had a great day practicing my roll casting as there was no room to back cast.

I started the day with a dry hopper with a trailing red and black nymph size eighteen about three feet down. Caught plenty of small rainbows all around ten to twelve inches. Great fun on a four weight seven foot six inch fly rod. Light tippets 6 x.

My goal was to try for some big browns in the deeper pools , so I changed up to a black woolly bugger about four feet under an indicator with a trailing nymph, red seemed to be the color of interest that day.

I was casting up into the faster moving head water, then slowly stripping back where the current slowed down. Again a bunch of rainbows but no browns.

Roll casting with an indicator and two flies is a challenge, but very satisfying when you get it right. Very effective in tight spaces 


 I did catch one really beautiful colored wild rainbow so that was the highlight of the day. Unfortunately no picture. He took the black woolly bugger and as I took out of his mouth he wriggled out of my hand and was gone.

Still a good long day on the creek.

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