Fly Fishing in Arizona, get out there!

Fly fishing in the high country in Arizona can be amazing and so over looked by many people.
This weekend I hit a beautiful lake that had big brown and rainbow trout. The cicadas are hatching in parts of the state. I lost the biggest fish of my life in this lake.
The fish hit like a freight train,, my biggest Hopper just engulfed taking off for deeper water , instantly it seemed I was really getting down into my backing. Rod high hanging on. Unreal so powerful it blows my mind the strength of this fish. After a brief struggle he was gone!!!!
Next my buddy Marc had on a great cicadas fly that was hit so hard that the fish just instantly snapped off the fly and line. I heard the hit from 70 yards away, that deep sounding splash, you just know is a monster. Gone just like that!!!
We also fished a great creek, Marc landed a beautiful wild 20 ” rainbow taken again on a big juicy dry fly.
Later in that same pool as Marc had moved on I hooked a beautiful wild brown, probably the biggest brown that I would have landed. Unfortunately for me, I just could not get him to the net. I had him on for at least five minutes shouting up stream to Marc to come and help me landed this big bugger!! He did not hear me and after the fish took off for deeper water and some big rocks, I tried to turn him away and snap, he just broke off the line. However I got to see him up close and personal for quite some time!
So get out there, go explore there are some great fish in the state you just have to get into rugged country, it will be worth it, believe me.

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