Funny Thing about writing about Fly Fishing

Funny thing I started writing about my Fly fishing experiences and sharing those experiences online via Facebook and also creating a blog.


I first started fly fishing as a young boy overseas, but stopped when we moved away from the trout streams in my home land of Wales Great Britain. At the urging of my wife to get out of the house. I began again many, many years later at the ripe old, young age of sixty two. Fly Fishing has taken on a new life for me that I am eternally grateful to my wife to pushing me over the edge!!

Totally enjoy being out in the wilds, bush whacking my way around. I have met some new wonderful friends who share the same love. However I have also come across so much negative input from people that do not know me and are so opinionated about telling me why I should not post where I fish and how I fish. It frankly blows me away!

I understand that some streams are very fragile and have to be protected, I get that and I have accommodated that position on fragile streams and creeks.  I only catch and release I do the best I can to get the fish safely revived and put back into the water. I have fished with some that are not as carful as I, but it is not my place to critique, there is enough of that already all over social media.

Fly Fishing in Arizona by the nature of the terrain means you have to do a lot of driving and exploring, as I do not live in the White Mountains or near the Reservations where most of the good trout fishing is. I have and do fish the Salt and also the canals in Phoenix, which are much nearer. I have the full experience of Fly Fishing here in the desert. I put my time and research in.

Just about every stream I fish is well documented in Arizona Fly fishing books, they give you very great details, how to get there, when to fish, what hatches to look for and lastly what flies to use. Great information!

So why when I post do I get the negative comments and innuendos, now I also get some great replies as well, it is not all bad. The point is I want to share with likeminded Fly Fishermen, it makes it easier for them to plan their trips with the latest information. Not everyone lives right on the streams, most work and have their commitments that leaves them with less time than other to fly fish.

Are my feeling hurt? Hell no! But come on before you post a negative think! All I am doing is passing along what little knowledge I learnt from my last trip to help others.

Like on Memorial weekend do not fish the East Folk of the Black river it will be crowded with bait and spin fishermen taking all that they can. Hopefully keeping to the limits’ imposed! Just get more out onto the wild of the Black and you will probably be alone all day. That is great info to know in advance!

Basic comments from a guy who does not profess for one moment to be an expert! I am no guide, but I can and do catch fish and only want to help others!

The world will be a better place for us all if we are kind to one another.

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