Fly Fishing on the Apache Reservation and the White mountains of Arizona

Went to different locations on the reservation as well as the white mountains.

Marc and I fished reservation lake. Marc fished from a boat with a friend of his and I fished from the shore line. The wind was very gusty and strong, they fished all over the lake with a couple of strikes but no fish landed.

I fished from the South end on the dam,which had a little bit of sheltered water from the winds. In the calmer water I fished with a black woolly bugger and a price nymph under an indicator. The lower fly was at least eight feet down. In the morning I landed three good rainbows. Marc and his friend on coming to check on how I was doing, decided to fish along side me for the rest of the day. I landed at least seven or eight fish, all rainbows of good size. Marc and his friend did as well, plus they both caught some browns. We stayed until almost dark, looking for a dry fly magical last hour, but no luck.


Next, Marc and I hit X Diamond ranch, fished all day catching a lot of rainbows of all sizes, with a few good rainbows netted. The water was very high and fast with a little color. We tried using hoppers with nymphs under neath, but that was very difficult fishing as they just moved way to fast in the currents.


We decided to change up to stripping black woolly buggers with trailing nymphs about twenty inches behind. The idea was to strip back up against the edges of the main currents and also near the banks in calmer waters. Had a great day! caught so many fish we lost count!!!


Next it was off to a very remote part of the Black river on the reservation, away from all the holiday makers who were bait fishing like crazy on the East Folk of the black, we went wilderness for sure. Great day hiking, bush waking, fishing deep pools and small ripples. Marc did well on brown trout and I on wild rainbows. Same method with black woolly buggers stripped. Hard long day but very rewarding!


Our next experience was for a relaxing Fly Fishing on a  small lake . sun was out but the wind was blowing. Fished Dry flies with small nymphs underneath. Fished all morning catching so many rainbows some of good size it was fun.


The last couple of hours we hit a small stream to end the trip and caught a few rainbows and some browns. Long drive home but well worth the efforts. 

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