Canyon Creek AZ USA

Checked out Canyon Creek today after all the winter floods we have had. The stream has changed a lot in places and not so much in others, but it is for sure changed.
I parked at lower canyon creek and waded up stream for the day. The water was pretty high but not bad with some color. In the morning i fished Nymphs under an indicator dead drifting, then stripped streamers and woolly buggers up current, down current, swing drifts no luck at all.
Half way up bumped into Cinda Howard of Fly Fish Arizona, great guide. She was fishing with another fisherman and had fished higher up then me with great success. They were going to fish lower down to see how the stream had changed.
I asked her how she had managed to catch so many trout.
Cinda was very kind, explained she was dead drifting with a woolly bugger and prince nymph under an indicator, with a split shot between the two flies to get down deeper with about 5 feet of line from the indicator to the bottom fly. They left, I re-rigged the very next run fish on, nice brown trout!
I caught plenty of nice browns after that, mostly in the shallower runs not so much in the slower deeper pools.
So many thanks Cinda!!!!
Started at 8-30 am left at 6-20 pm, dog tired but I had done my reconnaissance for the future. Next I will have to go down from lower canyon creek to see how much change there is down there.

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