Tonto Creek AZ

Went to Tonto Creek this Friday with Marc from Desert Sportman a very accomplished Fly Fisherman.
We started fishing from Kohls Ranch and down at 8-30 am. The water was much higher than usual with some color but very fish-able.
We tried nymphs, streamers you name it. A few strikes but nothing until about 2-30, we were way down the canyon at this point.
Marc ended up with 2 browns and a nice rainbow. I landed 3 very small rainbows with beautiful colors.
The terrain was very rough and hard going, scrambling up and down vertical cliffs and gullies. I would not recommend going on your own, it would be very easy to get into serious trouble down there. Took us 2 hours of hard climbing up and down to get back to the truck.
Tonto has some beautiful pools as most of you know with some nice big browns lurking deep.

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