Where to Fly Fish when it snows in Arizona?

Well with the high country covered in snow in AZ, Flagstaff broke a record the most snow since 1915 in one day. 36″ I think!!! Snow in Scottsdale AZ.
It’s off to the upper Salt river near Phoenix. Not many bait fishers out today, but there were a few hardy desperate fly fishermen.
Me being one of them! Started about 1-00 pm landed five small rainbows and one small bass.
Fished using two small flies about six feet down under an indicator in the deeper hold over pools. My top nymph my trusty size 18 red & black never fails!!!. The bottom fly was a pink colored scud size 20 that I have had in my box and never used. What the hell time to mix it up! It out caught my red nymph go figure!!.
Later on around four thirty, I changed rods going to my seven foot six” 4# weight to go to the top of blue pool. Just before dark there is usually a small hatch that happens and it is fun to chase the small trout on dry flies. The smaller the better.
It was cold and no trout rising but I could see Sonoran suckers in about four foot of water grazing off the sandy gravel.
I changed tactics. Decided to put my nymph down about four foot just off the bottom and sight cast to these fish. Ten minutes in hooked a nice fish that took off, big time! Took me to the backing twice right across the pool. I had only a 5 x tippet so had to be careful. Great way to end the day!

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