Creeks in Arizona flooded due to rain. No Fly Fishing this weekend!!

Went to Canyon Creek Friday morning, needed four wheel drive to get there. The stream was blown out, it had been much higher the day before. We drove up to the bridge to the farm at lower canyon creek to see that the water the day before had flowed over the top by a good two feet.
Slipping and sliding back up we then decided to go to Willow Springs lake. The road was closed by the gate. We geared up in our waders and walked a mile thru snow to get to the lake. It was frozen over, however there where spots about thirty feet wide by some of the banks that had defrosted.
Water was a dirty color we put on Black wooly buggers and stripped really slowly back to the bank with the fly hitting the bottom and snags.
We caught five Tiger trout between us all on the bottom and deep. Losing five flies due to snags . Sizing 10 to 12 inches great fun!! Arizona version of Ice Fishing but in this case Fly Ice Fishing!!!
The things we do to catch trout and release them back!!!


On the way home stopped at upper Tonto creek to look, it was full blown out and Horton Creek which joins it there underground, was in full flood on the surface on the ground pouring into Tonto.

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