The game goes on at the Salt River AZ

Well the games go on! I decided to head back to the Salt for a late dry fly session the last 2 hours before dark as the day Sunday was warmer than the previous day.
I have noticed in the past that there seems to be a hatch of very tiny gnat like insects. Not sure what they are! When I got there i met a fellow fly fishermen named Gary who told me he fly fishes the river a lot.
We both fished the top end of Blue pool, it was crazy fish jumping all over the stream. On inspection he thought they might be a small Trico hatch.
The smallest Fly i had was size 22 blue winged olive, but you really needed a size 24 as the fished turned there noses more time that not. I did land 3 fish but feel if I had the right fly it would have been a lot more.
The strikes were very soft so you had to be watching keenly. The only way I can fish a fly that small is to put on a larger dry fly as an indicator. First a size 16 brown drake emerger, followed about 20 inches by the smaller fly. The trout only took the small fly. My eyes as it get dark makes it difficult to see, but I am off to get a few size 24 to see!! If you get the pun!!

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