Oak Creek Canyon & Canyon Creek AZ

Fished Oak Creek on Friday very clear water good flow. Caught two small browns. Tried stripping wooly buggers no luck. Ended up catching them on a little black & silver nymph under a hopper.



Saturday went to Canyon Creek water was dirty color not brown, more like a snow melt color. Very cold day you could see that a storm was coming looked like snow on its way!


Tried dropper hopper set up no luck. Changed to stripping a black fly with legs behind it, not sure what it was.


I had no black wooly buggers tried other color wooly buggers no luck. So put this fly on stripped back up stream along the banks and creases of the current.


Ended up with two small browns and one rainbow. Hooked and lost another five fish for all various reasons!!! Lack of talent being one!!


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