Silver Creek AZ USA

Left the house at six thirty in the morning, was on the stream fishing at ten. The drive is exactly three hours and fifteen minutes, and that is following the speed limited, drinking plenty of coffee. Have to watch for Elk and deer in the darkness, they love to cross the roads in the high country when you least expect.


The weather did not cooperate as the wind was howling with even stronger gusts.Fishing with two flies under an indicator is not easy in strong winds as we all know. The added problem being the gusts made the top water go back against the current taking the indicator with it. Not a very good presentation to the trout.


Silver creek is lined with rushes that are very good at tangling your line and flies. I lost six good flies, and found two other flies people had also lost. The wind was so strong at times that I would cast over the rushes watching the wind take my flies back into the center of the stream, not easy.


I was using a black leech with a small size sixteen black and red nymph as the bottom fly. I fished the lower part of the stream which has deeper water. As you go further up the stream gets shallower. I stayed on this part of the stream as I felt the trout would be in deeper water away from all the high winds rushing over the surface. The first hour I hooked into a big nice rainbow that fought very hard, took me about four minutes to bring in, running the line heading for the reeds, all kinds of trouble he could fined. The big issue for me was i was in the middle of reeds with very deep water in front of me and nowhere to get him near my net. I ended up fighting him down stream to a place I could get the net on him.


I ended up with three good size rainbows landed, two smaller size Apache trout and one really big rainbow that snapped off, plus a few more rainbows. They all fell for my red and black nymph. All in all not bad for a winters blustery day. Getting in the truck I was wind blown, but a happy camper. Got gas, a large coffee and a three hour drive home in the dark!


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