Salt /Verde River AZ USA

Went back to the Salt/Verde river AZ, yesterday late afternoon, needed some fresh air!
Verde river was running about a foot higher and very dirty brown water. Fished a few of my spots no luck! Then I went up to Blue pool above the bridge, hardly any water flow about 8 cubic feet per second.
Two other Fly Fishermen had beaten me there. I fished the bottom part with an indicator and various flies, no luck. About an hour before dark they left and I was able to go to the top of blue pool where there is a slight water flow.
The trout started rising to some small fly’s on the surface, I put on a parachute Adams size 20, caught 6 small rainbows all about 8 to 12 inches in forty five minutes. It was a blast, they were rising all over the top end. Great to cast to them and strike on. That’s what it is all about. They are now locking the gates at Sunset, so I left with about 20 minutes of day light just to be sure so I would not get locked in. Otherwise I know I could have landed a few more fish.

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