Oak Creek Canyon Sedona,December great conditions but no trout today!

The stream was in good flow, very clear water not too cold, Forty Three Fahrenheit air temperature. I was optimistic! I have pretty much always landed a few wild browns out of this stream, no matter what time of year and conditions.


I really enjoy presenting a dry fly with dropper,mending the line creating the perfect presentation, or not, but as best that I can!

This day I tried all different flies and different nymphs,varying the length of the nymph depending if I was fishing deep pools or shallow runs. All to no avail.  


 I had this feeling all day that I really needed to swing some  streamers, that the big boys were lurking down deep. I fought this feeling, as I just do not like or enjoy presenting streamers. To me it is too much like casting a spinner and hoping for the best.


I know it is very effective and maybe I will change my opinion over time. so today no fish but it was a beautiful setting and day to be on the stream.

So I have posted some pictures and video of the stream, hope you enjoy.

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