A hard day Fly Casting

A hard day Fly Casting.


Weather is at last cooling down, had a storm pass through with plenty of rain. Just what the streams needed. Went up to Canyon Creek this past Friday, the water was clear but higher, all good news. The watercress has been cleaned up a little, not so clogged.


Spent the day with a good friend of mine fishing. I went further down the stream, and my friend fished a bit higher up. We did not see much of each other until the end of the day.


I struggled with my casting all day, just could not figure out what I was doing wrong. I did catch five small browns and lost two good sized fish. One took my dry immediately on the cast, nice fish but he snapped my tipped on strike. The last fish of the day was good size, but the light was starting to go, and I had a hard time seeing the fly on the water. I was using a light colored hopper just cast upstream into a deeper run. I felt the fish take the fly but I was too late, and he was off he felt heavy!


The funny thing at that moment my friend just came across me in the water and was watching my casting. Immediately he said you are breaking your wrist on the backcast! That was it, I know better than that! I made sure I stopped my backcast without the wrist break feeling the rod and line load up, and I was back to casting as I can. Simple observation!


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