Salt River Arizona USA

Fly Fished the Salt River in AZ yesterday, the water flow was down to 500 cubic feet a second from over 1000 feet per second. I thought some of my winter holes would be more opened up with the lesser flow.

Unfortunately there was a lot of weed growing blocking a lot of the holes. I tried using a strike indicator with 2 flies below at all different depths, Then a fly off the bottom and last but not least some different colored streamers. No luck!! I did see a huge carp go by my feet must have been at least 30 plus lbs, looked like a torpedo, that was the high light of the day!!!

I fished at the top of the last car park first, below the dam then moved down to the top of the blue pool which was much cleaner. The problem there as we know on a Sunday was all the tubers, kayaks, paddle boarder and the boom boxes blaring out Hip hop!!! I am sure the fished loved that!!!

Still it was a great day to be out in the cooler water wet wading.
First time I have been skunked at the Salt in a very long time!

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