Fly Fisherman and his dog

So one day watching a fly fisherman doing his thing, with his dog patiently sitting at his side by the stream, reminded me of an occasion fishing a nameless stream with my dog.

images border collie

The truth be told he was not really a fisherman’s dream, this dog loved to roam and could not understand for a moment, the boring idea of watching his master cast flies endlessly into the water. Trying to catch these silvery, slippery odd looking, smelly, slimy creatures. This description from the view of a dog, who of course, could succinctly converse with me, can’t they all?

The day had been long, to be fair to my faithful companion. Endless casting and cursing my luck or lack thereof! He was off running behind me amusing himself with all manner of smells and places to endlessly pee, marking his spot. God knows what he would have done if one of the resident Bob Cats came out to tell him to bugger off, this was their land, and they could easily out piss him!!!

So he was in happy land finally escaping my disapproving eye; on this one particular long cast, reaching back, casting further and further out, that big old trout had to be out there, somewhere! I let my line hang back in time, so far back it must have been in another dimension. Just as I was about to load up going forward, I heard this yelp, and my line took off backward. This was more fun than a huge trout running the line!

Off he went, now I understood what was happening, my line had caught him on his ear, and he had gone ape shi!!!!  Howling he went, heading for the trees, safety from whatever this was in his ear that was the worst sting he had ever had!!

So about this time to make matters worse, the local wild horses turned up out of the bush to see what this ruckus was all about. I suppose that if dogs can talk to us humans, horses are easy to communicate with! No idea what was said, but the horses definitely were looking on with disapproval. This was after all a Sunday! Gods and horses day of rest!!!

Now my dog after taking my line out to the backing decided he needed my help and made a huge loop and turned running for me, which at the same time went around three horses on the outside of the group. They say lack of communication spells disaster, nothing could be more accurate, as now I had three horses heading my way at considerable speed trying to kick off this line that was running up their hind legs.

The other horses looked on with great amusement, this was better than Sunday TV!!!

At this point, I looked, had no options left, get trampled on or dive into the stream away from this Malay of horseflesh and hooves looking to trample anyone at this point.

It was not a pretty dive, lucky I was wet wading, but under I went, coming up for air only to see four heads standing there looking at me. My dog and now his three best buddies all wondering what I was doing spluttering and trying to get out of the stream! 

IMG_1806 Salt 1

Dog are wondrous forgiving animals as he waited for me with a torn bloody ear, waiting to give me a lick and say, I think it is time to fish another day!

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