Fly Fishing, have you ever felt this way?

Fly Fishing,  have you ever felt this way?

Strange as it may seem I have felt this on the odd occasion, which is pretty crazy when you consider after Fly Fishing for the day and leaving, I cannot wait to go again.

Recently on a four day Fly Fishing trip in a beautiful location, I felt on the second day starting off, BORED!!!!! Yep BORED, how crazy is that? I know you are thinking this is a guy who really does not get it!!!! But I do get it, I love it, being in the wilds chasing trout is epic for me.


Why then this feeling? I was walking along the stream after fishing a few runs, and this feeling just came over me. Why? Was it because I had not caught any fish! No, for sure I have fished all day and caught nothing and never felt this way. What then? This day I found myself, stopping on the bank of the stream to assess my feelings.

Hence the question have you ever felt this way?  That particular day I said to myself this makes no sense, I have been looking forward to this trip for weeks. I looked around and told myself to slow down take in the stream and fish better. Pay attention get with the flow of life around me. I started fishing the runs longer, changing flies more often, and altering the length of nymph below my dry fly. Taking into account the deeper and shallower water I was now fishing. I fished the different pools and runs in better coverage not just barging on to the next piece of water. All this worked, and I was over this feeling and back to enjoying the frustrations of Fly Fishing.



However, later on, it got me to thinking about this, and wondering, am I the only ungrateful bastard who on occasions feels this way when I have no right to, as I am in the most spectacular scenery chasing wild trout!

Most people never get to experience the joys of Fly Fishing, so who was I to feel and take for granted my day on the stream?

Looking back on my life I have been very successful and been lucky enough to do many sports, all at a high level. Surfing, Sailing, Skiing, Golfing, Bird hunting and now back into Fly fishing. In the past with all these sports at some point, I have moved on looking for the next adventure. So is this my flaw?

I don’t think so in this case, as I started to fly fishing when I was around ten years old, loving it, only for the family to move away from the streams. Taking up surfing and then getting into business not taking up Fly Fishing again, until the last two years when I absolutely fell in love with it again.

Who knows maybe it was because I was tired that second day, not sleeping well on a hard bed, or perhaps because It is difficult for me to slow down and take my mind off work! I do not know, all I do remember was this feeling came over me, and I had to catch myself and wake up, be grateful, and smell the roses!!

I would be curious if anyone reading this ever feels this way if so drop me a line telling me your thoughts.


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