Beautiful color on these Arizona Brown Trout using a 3 weight Fly Rod!

Look at the color of these Arizona Brown Trout! They are beautiful to look at and great fighting fish for their size.


On small streams go get yourself a 2 or 3 weight Fly Rod.

It is so much fun. You have to finesse these guys on very light tippets. Light gear teaches you the feel of landing a fish, do not be put off thinking you need a 5 weight or what ever.


I have landed great 18 to 22′ Trout on my 3 weight 7 ft Redington butter stick, Slow action Fly Rod.

And no I am not affiliated with them. Get the right light line and small light reel you will have a blast!!!

There is no better feeling of accomplishment than when you cast a light delicately landed dry fly.

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