The Frustrated Surf Fly Fishing continues!

Well another two days under my belt, the result zero fish. I have learned to double haul the casts which is much easier on the arm.

front cast

I decided to fish different times, both late in the evening and early in the morning. Still no luck, so today I am off to the local Fly store to seek advise. Yesterday I fished with a sinking leader to see if that would work, no luck.

I have ditched all my gear, no wading vest, no net , no trout guy fumbling around out there any more. Just a plastic bag with a few essentials to change flies. Much lighter and mobile.

I have also asked for advise on line with different Fly Fishing groups. All the Salt Fly Fishing guys have told me to get a stripping basket or make one. That is a great idea, however I am not  going to be Surf Fly Fishing that often so I will make do for now.

top cast

So it is time to get professional help!

To be continued!!!

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