The frustrations of Surf Fly Fishing for the first time

For a newbie, the frustration of Fly Surf Fishing is, to say the least frustrating! All good intentions aside, how we improve, that is the question!

I had high hopes, went online checked out all the surf Fly fishing videos. Visited the local fly shops got the latest flies and off I went. The first day on the water six hours, mid tide fishing to high tide around seven pm, Perfect!!!

Result one small white fish and one small surf perch, my fingers all chewed up from stripping the line in the salt water.

Next day the same thing, result zero fish, next day six hours at low tide, fishing all the holes sides of rips, deep water shallow water, really shallow water!!! Nothing, zip. Bloody fingers all now strapped up with tape!!

What to do? Quit!!!

In all my walking in the surf, I saw stingrays and one two lb. fish, not sure what it was.

Fly Fish SD 1

I stripped fast, slow, mixed it up, stopped, stripped again deep, shallow, different flies, nadda, nothing!!!! Boring as all hell, no action.

What is my plan of action? Good question. I am thinking of just going out two hours before dark to walk the surf to see if I can see any fish in the shallow clear water to sight cast too. Maybe that is a good plan?

Onward and forwards will keep you all appraised. For those of you who read this any help is much appreciated.

One Frustrated Surf fly fisherman.

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