How many Flies do we really need?

How many Flies do we really need?

I have no idea, but I like everyone else, I know I have bought way too many! I got to thinking about this subject, as I find every time I go to the Fly shop I am drawn to all the Fly displays. I start looking, and I start picking new ones. It like a drug habit!! I cannot stop myself.

The stupid part for me, is I have no clue if they work on my streams around Arizona. I understand we need to know what streams have what hatches at various times of the year. That makes sense.

But here’s the rub for me, I fish about 10 different streams for brown trout and rainbow trout. They are all located in different areas and different altitudes, not close to one another. I use the same Fly set up on these streams all thru the year, Summer, Fall, Winter it does not matter, I catch fish!!

Of Course, if there is a hatch on I will try to put the same fly on, but my trusty Dry Grasshopper with a trailing black and silver nymph size 16 kills it every time.


As we all know I have just started fly fishing again after about a fifty-year hiatus, so I am not that old grizzled, experienced, fishing flowing thru my veins fisherman.  Just an addicted Fly Fisherman. I talked to a buddy of mine who has fly fished for close to Fifty years non-stop, his comments, “you never have enough”!

Fly fishing for Bass, I have about 6 different flies that work extremely well on the lakes in Arizona. Again, am I limiting myself? maybe that is a problem I do not know I have. Maybe if I used more flies I would be catching more fish than I do now!

Who knows!! But I guess I need a bigger Fly box!


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