Fly Fishing monster tale

Fly Fishing monster tale!

Fishing a small stream in the high country of Arizona, hiking along catching some small brown trout, it was an enjoyable day!


 My last pool of the evening was very deep and wide; you could not see the bottom of the pool. I had been told there where some large fish in this pool.

I was Fly fishing light tippets on my trusty Redington 3 weight 7 ft butter stick rod. Using a grasshopper as my dry with a black and silver size 16 nymph down deep on about a 10 ft tippet. I needed to get down and deep. The pools headwater was gushing from a waterfall of about 15 ft, causing good flow at the top end of the pool.

On the first cast took an 8” brown on my dry, half an hour later took a decent size fish, down deep on the nymph. You can tell when they are big as they feel heavy, you just know! Played with him for about 4 minutes, never saw him, he eventually spat out my fly. I guess he got bored playing with me!!

Had a couple of smaller browns and with the sun starting to go down I started to get ready to head home.

One last cast took a nice brown about 10” he came up and took off about 2 ft under the surface. As he was cutting across, a huge Brown Trout came hurdling like a missile out of the depths and bit on to the trout behind the head. This fish was way over 24” his red spots where the size of a nickel, big fat belly, he was the king of this pool. I now had two fish on, the now baitfish and this monster, who was not at least concerned about me. I played these fish for a good 6 minutes, eventually bringing them close to the net. All this time he did not let go of his dinner! That was when he decided it was time to eat dinner, he just rolled over and dove for the depths snapping my line along the way.

I suppose you all think this is just another fisherman’s tale! The truth be told this is the absolute truth.

I would not believe it myself if it had not happened to me. The shock for me was the size of the fish for such a small stream. The pool is probably the biggest pool within a ½ mile, so he has lived there a long time!

The good news is I know he lives there, and I am going back to catch that guy, one of the days!!!

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