My Fly Fishing travels so far in Arizona

So, in the last eighteen months, I have been picking local Fly Fishermen’s brains on where to go, when to go, and what to use. They are getting sick of me, who can blame them! It turns out there are many streams and lakes all over the state.

I have fished a few lakes, one being Lake Pleasant. I had the distinct honor of catching a good old channel catfish on my imitation craw fish wet fly.Catfish lake pleaswsant August 20 th 2017

 It was beside the point that my targets in this target rich environment were Bass. I think it is fair to say that I was more surprised that this good old boy, who just gave me a slow run for my money. Taking his time in my net for a great photo, only to return to the deep with his own story of the greenhorn!! Couple more trips a few small Bass and I decided I needed to get back to my roots, small streams, and trout!

I have so far fished, Silver Creek, Tonto Creek, Canyon Creek, Little Colorado River, all in the high-country East of Payson. Further West I have Fly Fished Oak Creek Canyon, North East of Sedona. Verde River passed Cottonwood. The Wet Beaver Creek East of Sedona. West Clear Creek passed Camp Verde.  Further South near Phoenix I have fished the Salt River, both higher up and lower down where the Verde River converges with the Salt River.

Not one to waste time I have also heard about the Carp Whisperers!!! I had to check out this new urban scene. New for me that is! Off to the local Fly Fishing Store. Desert Sportsman in Scottsdale. Chatting away, groveling, ingratiation being a few of my ploys!!! Bingo!!! One of the guides said OK, OK I will take you with me next time I go!!!! Perfect!

Um? what rod do I need for these big Carp? That’s another story, but when I went I was equipped and a few dollars poorer. Add some miles of different Phoenix canals, and you get the picture.Carp from Canal in Phoenix

I have been fortunate to catch Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout, Small mouth Bass, Catfish, Blue Gill, Sonoran Suckers, Carp and many bushes along the way all on the Fly.

 Bumped into snakes, Bob Cats, Wild Horses, Wild Donkeys, Hawks and a multitude of other birds, also one fast charging bull out of the bamboo, scared the hell out of me!!! The scenery has been breathtaking, truly beautiful and full of challenges.

 I have tripped over roots banged my head on the ground, slipped on rocks ending up in the stream with my wader full of icy chilly water. Stuck in the bush with nowhere to go but back the way I have come, only to figure out a different route. Stuck in Canyons just to have to figure out how to climb up and out.

My Purpose to catch fish, enjoy the moment and release them back to fight another day. Fly Fishing what a perfect way to pass the time.

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